What’s Orientation

Let’s forget about FPV for a second and see how regular RC flying is done. In the regular RC world where you fly the remote controlled aircrafts from a fixed ground position the airplane/helicopter/multi-rotor will fly usually in front of you. Usually you will not allow your aircraft to fly behind you, because that would be quite confusing to control. Now, knowing from the previous article how to operate the remote control, just in your mind position yourself behind your aircraft. On the pictures below we tried to illustrate the most common positions you can find yourself in while flying normal RC.

normal yaw leftWhen your aircraft goes away from you and you stand behind it, the controls look normal, If you push the Yaw/Rudder stick to the left, the nose of your aircraft will start turning toward the left.
left yaw leftThe issue with the orientation starts when the aircraft is going parallel with your standing position. In this case pushing the Yaw/Rudder stick to the left will make your craft turn to the left - but based on its own longitudinal axis. To you this could cause confusion, since your body position is perpendicular with the travel direction.
right yaw leftWhen travelling from left to right, pulling the Yaw stick to the left will make the aircraft turn left as well, but this time flying away from you again. This can also cause confusion because of your body being perpendicular on the travel direction.
reversed yaw leftThe most confusing is when the aircraft comes toward you. In this case if you push your yaw/rudder stick to the left your aircraft will fly to the right.

As you can see in the above image, flying an aircraft from the ground can be quite confusing, but very rewarding. The people around you clapping when you pull a nice loop or wowing when you come close to the ground and pull up to safety – makes it all rewarding.

Now, let’s put on the FPV gear. Once you installed your FPV gear (FPV camera, FPV transmitter) and wearing your FPV goggles or watching your FPV monitor, your RC world changes.  At this point you can forget all about orientation, none of that matters any more because you entered a world of wonderland – the world of piloting. The funny thing is that you do not need a pilots license, you do not need ground school because you are flying a remote controller aircraft which assumingly is safe enough so you cannot harm anybody.

Well, that sounds wonderful, but to make that happen as described, we need to put you, the very responsible and safety oriented pilot in charge.