Welcome to New Generation Hobbies. Beside being one of the leader FPV solution providers of the world, we are actively looking into making this hobby better and more affordable to everyone. We are looking into new products, and bringing you news about FPV products and solutions.  Please click on the links below to read the new articles, or follow the links under the “New Products” menu.

February 9th, 2017: Fat Shark’s newest and most affordable “big screen” goggles arrived to the stores at the end of November 2016. If you have not seen these yet, please stop at our store so we can show you how amazing these goggles are. Ask for checking out the binocular viewers below:

Transformer Binocular Viewer

February 8th, 2017: The new wonder Vortex 150 Mini’s are in stock and booming. If you have not seen these babies yet, check out the image below:

Vortex 150 mini

February 1st, 2017: Did you know that you can order prescription lenses for your Fatshark goggles? If by any chance you need a special set of lenses with your Fatshark goggles, you can order a set of prescription lenses from us. Delivery time is 5-7 days from the date of ordering and you can order it by clicking on the image below:

Prescription Lenses for Fatshark

January 31st, 2017: The widely requested Convergence VTOL from Horizon Hobby is here. We still have one left in stock. Is this a tri-copter? Is this a plane? Ever anted to have a plane which can take off from your porch fly around your property and come back and land on your porch? That is what this is – VTOL – Vertical take off and landing. You can take off like a tri-copter vertically, easily transition to horizontal flight and buzz around like a plane, then come back and land vertically back where you took off from. It is FPV ready, all you need is to add camera and a VTX and you will have  plane no one in your club has.

Convergence VTOL

January 30th, 2017: We received a shipment of the new Armattan Chameleon frames today. These amazing frames are lifetime warranted – bumper to bumper – Click on the pictures below to read more – or to purchase them.

January 13th, 2017: Today we had two very important shipments coming in. These new products are great for our customers and for some of them you were asking for quite a while now. We were waiting to get some original ImmersionRC pigtails in for the TRAMP, but those were not yet made available for purchasing. However we’ve got some made in two different flavours. One with straight SMA and another with a right angle SMA connector, some people expressed interest of getting this cable with right angle SMA connector. So here they are:

TRAMP Antenna Pigtail

The second very important shipping is the new Tattu 220mAh 45C 1S batteries for the TinyWhoop, Inductrix FPV and similar micro quads. These now come in two different packages, packaged as a single – or as a 5 pack:

1S 220mAh 45C Tattu batteries

January 9th, 2017: Thanks to FPV Racing Products, Dry Drone  has a new face now. A beautiful sealed blue bottle of “Drydrone” liquid will allow you to treat up to 8 drones from one small bottle. Just paint it on, wait 12-24 hours so it cures, and fly with no worries. The new DryDrone is here:


January 3rd, 2017: Fat Shark announced the availability of FSV1814, the 18650 battery holder cases. These will be shipped with most of the Fat Shark goggles starting 2017. This will allow the goggles to use their preferred brand of 18650 batteries. There is a variety of 18650 batteries out there, we need to warn our customers that some coming out from China labelled 9800mAh are not real, the capacity on these are often less than 200-300mAh. So buy 18650 batteries only from trusted sources. The 18650 Battery cases will be in stock in our store toward the end of next week.

FSV1814 18650 Battery case

January 2, 2017: The TBRC Apex is coming soon to NGHobbies.  It’s 700mm (27.5″) wingspan allows it to be flown in small parks like a  baseball diamond without any problems. At a size like this using mini quad parts will make it a fantastic little flyer. The kit comes supplied with the foam wing cores, spars, winglets, elevons, equipment bay hatch, 3mm laminate, ply wood motor mount, yellow motor plate, control horns and a decal set. The TBRC Apex will be available for purchase in a few days.


December 30th: New Generation Hobbies will be closed on Saturday, December 31st. We wish Happy and prosperous New Year to all our customers for 2017:

Happy New Year 2017

December 15th: Fatshark revealed the new Transformer goggles. The FSV1104 bundle is called a transformer because it is composed of the FSV1101 720p monitor with a built in diversity receiver, an FSV1103 HD Full Panel viewer. Accessories included are manual, power extension cable, cleaning cloth and Fatshark’s new 18650 Li-Ion battery  holder case. This new HD panel will provide unparalleled crisp HD vision for those who fly FPV. In this configuration, the goggles enjoy the cost benefit of a single panel design but in a form and comfort factor closer to micro display type goggles.  The patented folded optics allow both eyes to converge onto the single display in a viewer that is less than half the size of all previous single panel style headsets. A bottom mounted access panel can be opened to change the optics for different magnifications (sold separately).FSV1104Now, this is called transformer, because one can simply unclip the display from the monocular goggles and view the image simply like on a monitor. It also makes it possible to be used on a binocular viewer which is sold separately, like the one below. This would allow those who fly FPV with a 3D camera like EMR Labs 3D lite camera to enjoy their FPV in 3D.


You will be able to pick these goggles up in your favorite FPV store starting the end of December 2016. The FSV1104 bundle will sell just below 250USD and the binocular viewer will be around 40USD.

December 8th: The Fatshark HD3 goggles now have a new corrected optics. All support request to replace the misaligned optics for our customers were honored and now the HD3 is better than ever. Bringing the crisp and sharp image one was expecting, the HD3 brings Fatshark back on top delivering performance one would expect from these goggles:

Fatshark Dominator HD3December 7th: The QX90 propellers (Black and white and red and black) are now freely distributed with every QX90 purchase. We will include 2 sets of white and black and 2 sets of red and black with every QX90 purchase. If you wonder into our store, you can also pick up a few sets of these for free. The orange and black Walkera Ladybird type propellers for the QX90 arrived today and now are available for purchase. Another good news is that finally the yellow Inductrix FPV propellers are also available:

December 6th: After a 6 week snail-mail journey the QX-90 batteries finally arrived and are in stock:

QX90 Battery

December 5th: Today we received a shipment of the new SPRacing F4 Acro flight controller boards. These new boards are loaded with power. The STM32F405 processor capable of so much more by spinning up the oscillator on it:

SPRacing F4 Acro

November 28th: EMR Labs opened an Indiegogo campaign for their brand new Quadracer product. If you think you have seen it all, think again. Following in the footsteps of the FPV dogfighting system from a few years ago, the Quadracer it has been completely redesigned to provide the real game in the quad racing field. Your quad equipped with this system can count the exact laps, but also make sure you reach and pass the checkpoints,  on your track. You also have the possibility to combat other racers for the poll position by targeting them and shooting them down with your laser weapon. All in, the system provides an OSD to display the results right on your FPV feed, as well as a telemetry feedback to your Taranis radio where custom sound schemes can be used to hear the weapon fire, the hits, or when you passed a checkpoint. This system will mark a new era in quad racing, from here you don’t only want to fly fast to win the race – but also fly fast to escape from others who want to shoot you down for the poll position. Click the image below for more details:


November 24th: Today we received a shipment of the new Beecore tiny whoop flight controllers. These all can run Cleanflight or Betaflight, (are pre-flashed with Clean Flight 1.13) and will allow you to run your tiny whoop inside or outside just like a real quad racer:

Beecore Tiny Whoop FCIf you desire to upgrade your camera/vtx on your QX90 or Tiny Whoop, we now offer an 800 line camera/VTX combo package which runs off a single cell battery and provides you 25mW of power. the 40 channel mini VTX gives you easy access to all the frequencies and raceband channels as well:

800 line 40ch Camera/VTX

November 23rd: The new insane upgrade motors arrived for the QX90 and the Tiny Whoop. If your QX90 is not fast enough for you, use these motors to make it fly insane.:

QX-90 Insane Motors

November 8th: As the indoor season is approaching, the new micro and sub micro quads are becoming more and more of fun to fly. We are bringing you today the QX90 from Eachine. These 90mm brushed FPV quads are receiver ready with built in receivers for DSM2 or FrSky type radios. So if you have a Taranis, a Dx6, 8, 9 etc. you just order the corresponding model and you are ready to fly indoors with blasting speeds.

QX90 FPV Racing QuadIf you end up breaking your motors, propellers, we have now replacement parts for these as well in stock. Please click here to access the online inventory of parts for QX90 and Inductrix FPV.

November 3rd: After two days being in the “we don’t know where it is” zone, our 5051 Racekraft shipment is finally are on the way to our store and should be delivered before the end of the day today. These are the latest and greatest in the propeller design, supplying superior performance, ample of power and quiet operation due to their unique tip design. See a selection of these propellers below. Check the website toward the end of the day for these new wonder propellers. We are getting a Pandora’s box, not sure exactly what colors, but hoping on these vivid ones. We made it easy to find these on our website, we created a brand new section only for the Racekraft 5051 propellers. Today we also uploaded a video to YouTube and Facebook where we did a thrust test on these new propellers. Click on the image below to take you to watch the video of to purchase the propellers:

Racekraft 5051 Racing Propellers

October 28th: The new FatShark Dominator HD3 goggles are now available for pre-order. Shipping pre-orders will start at the end of next week. Please note the name change, this is not a Dominator HDV3 any more, these are called Dominator HD3. We posted an article about the specifications available at this time, to read it click on the image below: To order it from our website please click here.

Fatshark Dominator HDV3October 27th: The long awaited item which arrived today was the 1S parallel charging board. This will allow you to charge 6 tiny whoop batteries at the same time in parallel with 6 Eachine batteries as well:

1S parallel charging board

October 26th: The amazing Vortex 150 Mini is now available for preorder. Immersion RC’s newest hit will soon zoom in the sky all over the world. This under 300 USD mini 150 racing quad literally fits in the pocket of the FPV flier and would be a perfect choice for winter indoor racers. Click on the image below to pre-order yours today:

Vortex 150 Mini

October 24th: Last night we posted a quick unboxing and first look video on Facebook about the new ImmersionRC TNR Wands. Click here to watch the video: Unboxing and first look at the TNR Wand. For those who do not have access to Facebook, the video was also uploaded to our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/BnDPe7lD8wI or watch it embedded below:

October 22nd: Now that some redbottom parts became available from EMAX, we stocked up on parts for your RS2205 red bottom motors. We received a shipment on bearings, 3mm motor shafts, u-clips or u-rings and collars. Click on the images below to see the blog post and the link to the products:

Red Bottom RS2205 Ball BearingEMAX Motor Shaft
EMAX Shaft Bushing (collar)EMAX 2205 u-clip (u-ring)

October 19th: The TNR wand, personal edition which will make all Tramp owners life a breeze is enabled on our website for preorder.  With the help of the Tramp wand or (programming wand) Immersion RC makes changing the channel, band, power output on your 5.8Ghz Tramp video transmitter a matter of only touching the NFC board. Your Tramp/quad does not even have to be powered. This technology brings an added level of safety to the racing grounds, because the channels of the video transmitters can be verified and changed without applying any power to your quad, assuring that you do not knock out anybody else’s video signal while they are flying. The shipment is on the way and should arrive toward the middle of next week. To read more about the race related features of the Tramp/TNR wand, please click here. Pre-order yours now so you do not miss the first shipment. Click on the picture below to order:

TNR Wand

October 14th: Pre=order has been enabled! We are awaiting the delivery Horus X12S, it should arrive on Tuesday, November 1st. This amazing 16-32ch FrSky transmitter will soon be available from our store.

Horus X12S

October 12th: We received a shipment of the Eflite 200 mAh batteries for the Inductrix FPV from Horizon. These were sold out at Horizon and our place as well in less then a day. You should also be aware that a very good alternative for these batteries has been available for a while, and that is the 200mAh 30C 1S lipo battery. Just click on the image below to order.

eflb2001s45200mA 1S Tiny Whoop Battery

October 11th: We received a shipment of upgrade motors from Micro Motor Warehouse for the Tiny Whoop. You can no select between the FASTER or INSANE motor selection for your Whoop. Click below to see the selection:


September 28th: We feel the buzzing! Do you feel the buzzing? The FPV Inductrix with upgraded motors, built in camera and 5.8Ghz VTX is in stock now! This is the little indoor buzzer we all been waiting for. Click on the image below to order. Orders will be shipping out starting October 29th.

FPV BNF Inductrix

September 26th: We’ve been Tramped! The Tramp HV’s arrived and shipping out today! To order yours click on the image below. Available only in limited quantities:

The Tramp HV's arrived

September 23rd: Finally the RunCam Eagle shipment made it. This was shipped, returned, then shipped again and finally arrived to bring our customers the brilliant new 4:3 RunCam eagle cameras. These 800TVL cameras are now available in orange and black, IR coated lens to bring you the best colors of the word out there. Check out the performance in the video below.

Runcam Eagles

September 22nd: Replacement parts and add on arms arrived for the EMAX Nighthawk X frame. Now you can simply replace the 4″ arms with 5″ or even 6″ to make your X4 into a much more performant racing drone which will accept 5″ or 6″ propellers. The EMAX X frame PDB’s with preinstalled XT-60, RGB LED and buzzers also arrived at a real budget cost. Click the images below for more info:

EMAX Frame Parts

September 21st: The Armattan frames arrived. You can find them in our webstore clicking on the image below. ArmattanQuads is offering lifetime warranty on most of their frames. Please note the Lite frames are not covered by lifetime warranty, these are manufactured with a different purpose in mind.

Armattan Frames at NGHobbies

September 10th: The smallest 5.8Ghz VTX on the market from Immersion RC will be available for shipping from our store in a week. We enabled the item on pre-order for those who quickly want to order this and get it in their hands ASAP. To order it just click on the image below:


Click here to see our older news.


Also in August 2015 EMR Labs presented a new affordable HD3D Lite 3D camera for the FPV hobby user. This camera will give stunning HD 3D image and it is the closest 3D experience you can get to flying with your own eyes. Click on the picture below to see our article about this amazing new camera:

EMRLabs HD3DLite

We took our time to look at these products in details to present information for those who are new to this as well as to the advanced fliers as well. Please check back often as new content is being added every day. You can also access the drone racing section by clicking on the image below.

Link to the drone racing articles

Drone Racing

Recently we started adding a whole lot of items on sale, in some cases 50-70% off on some items. These might look insignificant, but when you need a plastic screw or nut and you do not have one around – these come very handy. Enjoy the items on sale by clicking on the link below:


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