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August 31st, 2017: The long awaited by many, the 8-way event timing system from ImmersionRC is on the way. This race proven system is integrated with LiveTime through an Ethernet connection, it is water proof, tested in high and hot sun situations to withstand extreme hot temperatures.  There will be limited stock available of this item, so if you really want one, pre-order it now, as it will not sit on the shelf for long. Shipment arriving around September 8th:

Click here to order the Event TimerClick here to order the Event Timer
Click here to read our articleClick here to read our article


August 25th, 2017: New Generation Hobbies with the permission and support of Humber Valley RC Flyers (www.hvrcf.org) is organizing a Back to School Fun Fly and Drone race on Saturday, August 26th, from 9AM to 4PM. Click on the picture below to find out more about the location and agenda:

Back to Shool Fun Fly and Drone Race

July 10th. 2017: I know for a fact that many people have waited a long time for this product to show up. The Immersion 350mW Vortex VTX modules were discontinued sometimes in December last year, and the promised new Tramp RX modules were in development and testing till it finally got released and shipped, so you can purchase it now from your favorite retailers. The Tramp VTX module for the Vortex 250, 275 and 285 features a switchable power  option, you can change from 2mW, 25mW, 200mW, 250mW to 600mW output power through your Vortex OSD – or and get this – through the Wand for Tramps. The modules arrive with a TND tag in the package, you can install this behind a plastic surface (do not install it behind a carbon fibre plate!) and you can change power and frequencies in a matter of seconds with the Wand.

You can find the Tramp Vortex module and the Wand below, by clicking on the image you can purchase them directly from our website:

June 23rd, 2017: It seems that Canadian recreational drone fliers and racers are getting a little break from the very strict Interim Order after all. While it has not yet been posted on the TC website, some of the media actually posted the following: http://www.gazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p1/2017/2017-06-24/pdf/g1-15125.pdf which is a little relief from the previous very strict rules. The highlight in changes are:

  • (3) No person shall operate a model aircraft having a total weight of more 250 g (0.55 pounds) but not more than 1 kg (2.2 pounds) at a lateral distance of less 100 feet (30 m) from vehicles, vessels or the public, including spectators, bystanders or any person not associated with the operation of the aircraft.
  • (5) No person shall operate a model aircraft:
    • (a) within 3 nautical miles (5.5 km) of the centre of an aerodrome, except a heliport or an aerodrome that is used exclusively by helicopters;
      (b) within 1 nautical mile (1.8 km) of a heliport or an aerodrome that is used exclusively by helicopters; or
      (c) inside an aerodrome control zone.

This is a positive change, let’s go with it!

June 22nd. 2017: ImmersionRC is finally shipping the pimp kits (called “Vortex 150 Mini Crash Kit “) in different colors we will receive these to our store around June 28-30th. there is quite a bit of selection, see the colors below for what’s available. You can preorder these by clicking on the Vortex 150 Parts link, or the images below:

transparent pimp kit 150
red transparent pimp kit 150
blue pimp kit 150
black pimp kit 150

June 21st, 2017: ImmersionRC just released a set of new, version 2 of their Spironet antennas. There are 3 new packages available, SN5G8RHSTUB – the stubby version we all come to know from the Vortex 150 release, the SN5G8RHGOG – this comes with a right angle SMA connector to accommodate lossless mounting to your favorite FatShark goggles, and a new combo bundle, SN5G8RHBUN which would represent a bundle for a diversity receiver package, a spironet with V2 with Right angle connector, a 45 degree SMA adapter and an 8dbi mini patch at the unbeatable price of 29.99USD. These are now available for pre-order, the shipment will arrive toward the middle of next week.

June 20th, 2017: the new OLED receivers are available now in limited quantities with the white faceplate for Dominator type goggles:


June 10th, 2017: ImmersionRC issued a note about the latest batch of the Tramp VTx’s. Some of these were released with a sub-standard (read “fake”) LDO from the third party Chinese component supplier. This issue did not come out during QC, because some more extensive load testing had to be done to reveal this problem. If you are using a Tramp purchased between May 15th and June 5th, and noticing video quality issues over grey areas of your screen – meaning interference lines or diagonal rolling lines – only over grey colored areas – then your Tramp might be affected by this issue. If you purchased your Tramp from us, we will gladly replace the sub-standard LDO on your tramp for the real deal, you just have to bring it in and we can do it on spot, it takes about 5-10 minutes. For all those who are looking to purchase new Tramps, please note that NGHobbies.com is the only store in the world at the moment who has the Tramps with the correct LDO’s in stock. All other stores will need to send their existing stock back to the factory for replacement. Click on the image below to purchase:


June 1st, 2017:  ImmersionRC announced the long awaited LapRF to be available soon. We have these coming in soon and will accept your pre-orders for it as of today. Please click on the image below for more details and for ordering information:

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