Fat Shark Attitude V3

January 5th, 2016

Update to the Attitude V3. Please note the Attitude V3 goggles now  are shipping with a Black Face plate and a Large size zipper case at no extra charge.

Fat Shark Attitude V3

They moved the beautiful Dominator V2 optics into a new modular designed Attitude V3 (ATTV3) and added support for 3D cameras based on interlaced 3D solution.

fat shark attitude v3

The new FPGA programming fills in frames and lines to give equivalent 2D image quality with an interlaced 3D camera making this a FPV race friendly headset. There is no need for a dual transmitter/receiver that will saturate the 5G8 band, the interlaced 3D mode will use one single video transmitter/receiver to send the 3D image generated by alternating the fields on the interlaced image. The new Attitude V3 benefits from the same modular design for the receiver bay as the Fat Shark Dominator V1, V2 and V3 series, so all the Fat Shark receiver modules and frequencies are available for use with this amazing set of goggles.

The Fat Shark Attitude V3 is released with the amazing Trinity Head-tracker module built into the goggles, so the user can benefit from the head-tracking capabilities right out of the box. The current shipment included a 32 channel racemode receiver module as well. Beside this there are several other type of receiver modules available for this goggle set. To see the available receiver modules and accessories please click here.