600mW Vortex

While I gave 600mW Vortex title to this article, I could have easily said – Vortex with External Transmitter – or even 25mW Vortex.

This article will give you an easy way to use an external Immersion RC transmitter with your Vortex. There could be several reasons why somebody would want to do this:

  • Your Vortex transmitter died and you cannot find a replacement
  • You want to use a higher output (600mW) transmitter on your vortex
  • Or you want to use a lower – like 25mW transmitter (participating in racing)  on your vortex.

It does not matter what your main reason is, the procedure is the same. You will need the following things:

  • Your Vortex
  • An external transmitter
  • A link cable (5cm or 10cm versions available here or here)

While No.1  – Your vortex should be clear to anybody, the external transmitter you can either choose the 25mW, 200mW or 600mW transmitter from Immersion RC, or the 250mW transmitter from Fatshark. It can be raceband or not, but transmitters from other manufacturers are not supported by this mod.

The link cable can be one of these two: 5cm link cable or 10cm link cable. You’ll need to choose one of these depending on where do you want to install the external transmitter – of course the longer one gives you a bit more space to play with,


Step 1

  • If you have a Vortex with a damaged transmitter, you probably already have taken it apart. If not then remove the antenna and the top plate of your Vortex. There are several screws, make sure you place them in a little container so you do not loose them. Once the top is removed, you can remove the transmitter holding spring plate and just pull your transmitter module upwards so it comes out from its slot.

Step 2

  • Install the Link cable purchased from our store as per the picture below, into the secondary transmitter port (5 pin molex connector):ExVTXAs you can see the Link cable plugs in nicely into the Molex connector on the main PDB. See some additional close-up pictures below:

Step 3

  • Reinstall the top plate and pull the Molex cable through the top plate. Once installed, Fix the transmitter down so the antenna does not interfere with your propellers, use some zip-tie to ensure it cannot move away. Plug in the other end of the Molex cable into your transmitter and you are ready to go and power up.


With this mod you will loose the ability to change the frequency channels from your OSD screen. For that reason you should leave the DIP switches on the transmitter accessible, so you can change the channels from there if needed.