Runcam 2 HD Cameras

We received a shipment of RunCam 2 cameras today. The new shipment had Silver and Orange RunCam 2’s as well. I wanted to spend a few minutes talking about the features of the new RunCam 2 as well as highlight some features of other RunCam cameras as well.

I was a Mobius person just until recently. I tried the RunCam HD earlier, but I did not think the quality of features would make it a worth while camera over the Mobius. Even with the lower price I still kept my Mobius till I crashed hard into a pole. The lens is broken but the camera was still working fairly well, not much influence on the image quality.

Mobius Broken Lens

Then the fall and cold kept me grounded for a few weeks, and after about 2 months I went to charge my Mobius again to go to fly – at which point all I get is a slow flashing blue light and no other response whatsoever. I am not the type to give up, I spent hours on the internet trying to see if other people have experienced the same thing and some did, but none of those solutions were working for me. I guess it was time to retire the Mobius – forever. It just happened, that right around that time we’ve got a stock of the RunCam 2 Silver edition in. I was hesitant at the beginning – thinking that we have only limited quantities, but then I convinced myself that this is for the better good, get one and start using it to see how that compares with the Mobius. And man, what a difference. See the image below, these are the Mobius, RunCam HD and RunCam 2 side by side, barely any difference in size. Indeed the RunCam 2 is a bit higher than the other two:

HD Cameras

So one thing which caught my eye from the beginning was a few things:

  • – Interchangeable battery
  • – SD card slot inside behind the battery door makes it almost impossible to lose the SD card on impact
  • – WiFi button – ability to connect to the camera form a phone and view the video or images back right away.

This last feature makes the RunCam 2 functionality wise almost as useful as a GoPrr camera for a fraction of the cost. So with that in mind I put the 3 cameras side by side and took another picture:

RunCam HD CamerasThe RunCam 2 is offered in Silver and Orange version. Some might find the Orange odd, but if you lost a camera already in the woods between the green foliage, you will definitely choose the orange this time, because that right away pops into your view.

While the weather is still not the best here, and certainly I cannot make beautiful outdoors videos for the RunCam 2, 3 weeks ago I had a chance to install it on a tricopter and run a course around the Winter Barn Burner race series in Clinton Ontario. I will cut out a sequence of that an post it here, so you can see the recording quality indoors:

I checked most of the files we recorded and the bitrate seems very similar to each other – of course this is due to the fact that all videos were recorded under the same conditions:

RunCam 2 bitrateAs you can see, the recording was done with full HD, 60 frames per second, according to RunCam this camera also can do 720P at 120fps. I did not try that, I wanted to go for the maximum resolution. The Runcam 2 can be used as an FPV camera directly, RunClaims a 60mS latency when used in 1080p Mode and 40ms when used in 720p mode. Those values are quite low and would be acceptable for racing with it. I saw a video on the RunCam page where there is a comparison between the live feed and the recorded image and there is no noticeable difference with the naked eye.

I still would use it as a recording camera only, and use a standard FPV camera as my main flying camera. The RunCam2 can be powered from an external battery as well, while in flight – this will make the battery in it long lasting,

The WiFi feature is excellent, there is an application available for IOS and Android as well. The battery should last between 60 to 90 minutes depending on the recording resolution.

The package contains several accessories and several cables which can be used as power or video out cables. Also there is a mount, tripod adapter and manual included.

This camera is the best alternative to the GoPro at the moment with a much smaller size and cost.