RC Helicopter Models

In our effort to keep improving our selection of products we are determined to give our customers the best toys for the buck. We recently started bringin in RC helicopter models which can be used from the beginner to the advanced pilot. While FPV and drone racing seems to be in the center of attention these days, let’s not forget the classic RC Models and what got us to the racing world.

Without previous experience with RC helicopters the drones and FPV racing would have never emerged. The process of getting the RC helicopters fly more stable and lately on their own without much pilot input lead to implementing gyroscopes, accelerometers and lately even magnetometers on a single board to electronically stabilize the flight of these otherwise hard to control birds.

Younger people will not know this, but old RC pilots remember the days when flying an RC helicopter took quite a bit of skill. In most cases with even the best electronic tail gyros it felt like you are balancing a small ball on top of a bigger ball. Imagine that you had to move the bigger ball all the time a tiny bit, so the small ball does  not fell off. This is how we hovered the RC helicopters when I started flying them.

Well, those times are over now and the new “Safe technology” designed and implemented by Horizon Hobby makes our life much easier when flying RC helicopters. Today we present you 3 of the new products we carry in our store, these are 3 RC helicopters from Horizon Hobby. All of these can be flown by beginners as well as advanced pilots. Difficulty settings can be enabled on the RC Radio Transmitters, and when set up properly these are a blast to fly outdoors and some indoors as well.

I have been flying RC helicopters for a long time, but never actually had the guts to try to fly inverted the real thing. I did it on simulators and had quite a bit of success, but when it came to the real helicopters, I always had my doubts if I could do it. The first helicopter I purchased and I was able to fly “3D” with was the Nano CP. I am bringing you a more advanced version of the Nano CP now, that is the Nano CP S, that is the smallest of the 3 helicopters I am presenting in this article.

Blade Nano CP S

The Nano CP S is the smallest and the lightest – but might as well be the toughest of the 3 helicopters presented here. We banged this helicopter against the hardwood floor in the gym, against the driveway in front of my house and grass and trees in the park – and even after it got a pretty good beating from an unexperienced 3D pilot, it was still flying and providing fun for us. This is one higly recommended bird, onle you can fly in your living room and around your house – as well as outdoors in light to medium wind conditions. See the product video below:


The Blade Nano CP S is available from us in a Bind and Fly version – meaning that you will need to have a compatible 6 channels Spektrum transmitters something like a DX6 and up.

The second helicopter on the list is the Blade 200 SR X BNF with SAFE® Technology. While I did not personally fly this, I have seen many of my friends buzz around with this helicopter and have lots of fun:

200 SR X BNF with SAFE® TechnologyAdvancing from an intermediate heli to an advanced flybarless heli has never been more seamless than with the 200 SR X. The Blade® 200 SR X is the first fixed pitch heli to employ SAFE™ Technology for an unparalleled flybarless heli experience. SAFE technology helps to facilitate the learning process with beginner, intermediate and experienced flight mode options. Each flight mode utilizes varying amounts of bank limiting and advanced stability characteristics to assist pilots. Here is the demo video of this helicopter:


The 200 SR X BNF with SAFE® Technology is available through our showroom and our online store alike.

The third helicopter is the Blade 230 S BNF with SAFE® Technology:

230 S BNF with SAFE® Technology

This size might be a bit intimidating for the beginner pilot, so for that reason we recommend this to the intermediate to advanced pilot. The Blade® 230 S helicopter is the ideal platform for getting started in aerobatic helicopters because innovative SAFE® technology and its progressive flight mode system makes flying a collective pitch heli easy, even if you’re a beginner. Until now, learning with a collective pitch machine still had an intimidation factor. The Blade® 230 S collective-pitch electric heli is engineered to meet and go beyond the needs of the new heli pilot by offering a highly-tuned machine with innovative SAFE® technology so that it’s easy for any pilot to achieve first-flight success, prevent crashes and then move on into advanced flight, all with one heli. Here is the demo video:


Beside all the FPV and drone racing going on these days, I think we deserve a moment of fun and enjoy these line of sight flying helicopters, just for fun.