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August 27th: Quad Color Mania! We received a shipment of quad (4) blade propellers. Look at these colors! All propellers are 5×4″. Click on the image below to see the selection in the store:

Quad Blade Propellers

August 26th: We created a new page on our website called “Media Files“. This page provides our customers with NGHobbies approved media files – logos, logo pictures, logo animations – to be used in their videos or their events. In case you cannot download these please contact us and we will email a download link to you.

August 19th: The Fatshark Frenzy Drone Olympics event with two separate flight lines featuring racing over a golf course and remote controlled aircraft/wing racing will kick off this morning. If you are a racer in Ontario and you are not there – or not on the way there, you have to have a very solid reason why not to attend. This is the event of the events! 2 days of fun and racing. Check out and join us by clicking on the image below:

Fatshark Frenzy

August 5th: The XT-60 and the DEANS parallel charging boards arrived:

Parallel Charging Boards

August 5th: The first shipment of the new Fatshark dominator SE arrived. Check out the pictures of this new product below. You can read the article by clicking here or on the image below:

Dominator SE

Dominator SE Specifications

July 28th, 2016: The new RunCam Owl Plus is available from NGHobbies online and showroom location now. We also brought you 2.1mm lenses for the Runcam Swift series, and lens protector hood for the RunCam HD2 cameras:

We also changed the layout of the website when it comes to RunCam products, now it will be easier to select the RunCam product based on three categories:

RunCam Product Selection

July 13th: The new 4mm Charpu X frame from Lumenier will be available in 2-3 weeks from NGHobbies:

Lumenier QAV X Charpu Frame

July 8th: New 20A and 30A advanced multirotor ESC’s arrived with BLHeli_S firmware. The 20A is 28x13x5mm in size and weights only 8 grams (6 gr without wires) and the 30A version is 29x15x5mm weights only 10g (8gr without wires). Some of the advantages of the BLHeli_S firmware compared to the BLHeli are listed below:

  • – BLHeli_S delivers a throttle response that is smoother than previous BLHeli, thanks to the hardware PWM.
  • – It handles the throttle in very small steps. The resolution varies between hardware configurations (MCU clock speed and driver type), and is between a nominal 512 steps and 2048 steps.
    – Supports very high motor Speed: BB1 MCU can support up to 350k eRPM, and currently the BB2 is set to 500k eRPM.
  • – Supports regular 1-2ms input signal, as well as Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and Multishot. Auto-detected when the ESC sees an input signal.

You can purchase the USB blackfire programmer and the ESC’s by clicking here.

July 5th: The new V2 Fat Shark Diversity modules arrived. If you purchased this from our store, please drop in and bring the original with you for replacement. If you purchased this online we will send a replacement by mail in the next two days. We will try our best to mail these out before Canadapost goes on strike:

Diversity Receiver Module

July 5th: the GWS 125 1 Turn Sail Winch servo is in stock now. This servo is the favorite of the ground station builders. This can turn 360 degrees around making it the best option for those who want to build an antenna tracking ground station. Please note the price has dropped considerably thanks to GWS USA:

GWS 125 1T sail winch servo

July 4th: Inductrix RTF and BNF are in stock right now. Click here to read our article about the Inductrix or click the picture below to purchase one. If you need parts, you can order them by clicking here.

Inductrix Ducted Fan Quad

July 1st: Happy Canada Day!


June 30th: Due to the requests of our customers, we broke up the very popular 200mW VTX/Camera combo and we are happy to present you now with the transmtitter alone for those who want to use these with their own cameras. This little 200mW powerhose will supply a very nice video signal to your mini and micro racing quads. We currently only carry the SMA version:

40Ch 200mW VTX

June 27th: The EMAX 1306 Red-bottoms arrived in the 4000KV selection.  These new buzzers will give a real kick to your micro drones and minis. Click on the image below to see our article about these:

1306 Red Bottom

June 3rd: New NGHobbies flags and banners arrived. If you would like and NGHobbies banner or flag for your FPV race or event, please contact us through the Contact Us page to arrange for a pickup:

June 1st: Happy Children’s Day. Our online store’s hardware section got a bit re-organized to make it easier to locate screws, standoffs, plastic screws, standoffs and vibration dampeners. We also received low profile plastic standoffs, M3x6mm which are perfect for small low profile Flight Controller installation. To check out the new hardware section click on the image below:

Hardware sectionMay 27th: Now we can offer more color variety of the DalProp V2 tri-blade propellers. IMG_2554We have quite a selection of different sizes of two and tri-blade propellers of all sizes:


May 24th: Fat Shark issued a recall for their diversity modules. Apparently the first release was shipped with the wrong firmware revision. Please read more details and info about the replacement program by clicking here.

May 19th:  All Canadapost shipping services are back to normal.

May 5th: New propeller shipment arrived yesterday. Please welcome the Dalprop V2 Triblade propellers in our selection, These are available now in 5040 and 5045 versions. Also a full selection of 3″ Triblade bullnose propellers has been added to our website. These will provide the max performance on those tiny 1306 motors. Click on the images to go to the product page:

3" BN Triblade Red3" BN Triblade Purple
3" BN Triblade Blue3" BN Triblade Green
5" DAL 5040 V2 Triblade Red

5" DAL 5040 V2 Triblade Red

5" DAL 5040 V2 Triblade Orange

5" DAL 5040 V2 Triblade Orange

5" DAL 5045 V2 Triblade Red

5" DAL 5045 V2 Triblade Red

5" DAL 5045 V2 Triblade Orange

5" DAL 5045 V2 Triblade Orange

For those who managed to destroy the plastic housing on the iBcrazy duraspec antennas, we brought replacement caps blue and green in color to match your polarity direction. These are sold in sets of three, assuming that if you managed to break them once, you will break them again :):):)

Right Hand, Blue antenna coverLeft Hand, Green antenna cover

May 4th: Website changes. Please note the propeller section has been a bit reorganized to give better overview of the different propeller sizes. Now you can browse and purchase racing propellers based on size:

Two Blade Unbreakable
Triblade Propeller Selection

April 29th: we just opened a new section on the website dedicated for LiPo battery connectors. With the FPV quad racers destroying the balancing connectors on the batteries, there is a need for replacement balancing housings. We bring you now a variety of these balancing plugs, housings and terminals as well, from 2 pin to 7 pin, corresponding to 6S batteries. Click here to access the connectors section on our web-store.

2 Pin Connector3 Pin Connector4 Pin Connector
5 Pin Connector6 Pin Connector7 Pin Connector

April 26th: From today till the end of the month we will include a free NGHobbies battery strap with every order or every purchase made through our online store or showroom. the Strap is 220mm long and 20mm wide, should fit most of the 160+ size racers our there. Please note our battery strap has an anti-glide surface, so your battery will not slide out:

Free Battery strap

April 26th:  Brand new 600 line FPV CCD cameras arrived from RunCam. These are the new SWIFT cameras in 3 different colors for your convenience. I did not have time to test them yet, perhaps I will record a few minutes of video tomorrow to compare the performance with others.

RunCam Swift SilverRunCam Swift OrangeRunCam Swift Black

April 25th: This past Saturday I managed to test the new Cyclone antennas. Well folks, I have to tell you that there is no magic. It’s all science. If somebody calls out for a magical performance antenna, well, then put another evenly priced set right beside it and test it both. Put the videos side by side – as I did – and watch it back. Then you can draw your own conclusion if one set works better than another one. The Cyclones are indeed an excellent performing antenna set, but so is the similar priced Spironets. See the video we did over the weekend at the end of the article. Click on the below image to read the article and see the video:


April 21st: Attention, new racing antennas from VAS (Video Aerial Systems) arrives. These are the Cyclone antenna set, available to order from us by clicking here. Read our article about the three flagship antenna comparison from VAS by clicking on the image below:

VAS Flagship Antennas

April 19th: Fat Shark announced Yesterday that the new FSV2444 Diversity Antenna modules will be shipping form their facilities at the end of April. We hope the get the first shipment in the first week of May. To clarify for all, this is not a true diversity module with two separate receivers. This is an antenna diversity which checks the signal quality and switches to the other antenna if the quality suffers:

Fat Shark 5.8Ghz Antenna Switching Diversity ModuleFat Shark 5.8Ghz Antenna Switching Diversity Module

Please note this product is not available for purchase yet, as soon as we receive pricing information, we will update the website with prices. Even if this is not a true diversity, the following demo video shows the power when used with a high gain directional antenna in conjunction with an omnidirectional Spironet antenna:

As you can see as long as the high gain antenna is selected when flying forward, the reception outperforms the standard Omni antenna on the right side of the image. However when the racer flies behind the ground station, the two images are identical as both have the omnidirectional Spironet and breakups, interferences are identical on both.

March 30th: A new section was created on our website to include HDMI cables. With the digital video technology advancing in the FPV hobby the latest releases of the Fat Shark goggles are capable of displaying downscaled 720P images on the Dominator HD, Dominator HDV2 and Dominator V3 goggles. In order to connect various DJI, AR-Drone and other HDMI capable drones to the Fat Shark goggles, carious combinations of HDMI cables are required. Please not – if you did not know till now – the HDMI is a digital signal which can be split in “Y” or even more than 2 branches without the loss of signal quality. So from a DJI Phantom you can run a “Y” splitter to display the image on a set of Fat Shark goggles and on an HDMI capable display monitor as well. To access our HDMI selection click on the picture below.

HDMI Cables and SplittersMarch 27th: Maintenance complete. The web-store is up and running again.

March 26th: Our web store will be down for maintenance tonight between 10PM and March 27th 2AM EST. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.


March 20th: We received a shipment of the new EMAX 2205 motors. Please see our article about this here: EMAX 2205 Motors. You can also purchase these motors by clicking on the images below:

Emax RS2205 2300KV Race MotorEmax RS2205 2300KV Race MotorEmax RS2205 2300KV Race Motor

March 16th: In order to keep our customers finding things on our website, we are constancy improving the menus, the categories and the selection on the website. The Racing Drone Motor section was so busy with all the available motors that it needed a little reorganization. Now the motor section is organized by racing motor size, giving our customer a clear view on the selection by size:

Multirotor and FPV racing motors

March 14th: We have created a new section on the website called Tools, Glues, Thread-Lock. This section will host all the tools, glues and the much needed blue thread-lock for any serious racing drone build. We have metric and imperial hex wrenches down to 1.5mm as well as metric and imperial socket tools to get those hard to install nuts in place.


March 3rd, 2016: Check out this awesome deal. An EzUHF JR module along with 2 x EzUHF diversity receivers for only 179.95USD. An over 300 USD value for only 179.95USD! Click on the image below to order.

Immersion JR/TX Combo

March 1st, 2015: Yesterday we received a shipment of DALProps, and between them the long awaited blue colored tri-blade 5045 propellers. Lots of customers were asking about this, and finally here it is:


February 21st, 2016: I tested the new Fat Shark 900 line 16:9 camera during an FPV flight. This camera is amazing, the ground stays pretty bright even when 2/3rds of the image is bright sky. This is a perfect companion to the wide screen Dominator V3 goggles. This video was recorded directly on the Dominator V3. The wind was a bit gusty for this flight and a spot got onto the camera on the first take off, I did not notice that till I landed the second flight. Even with that, the FPV performance of this camera is pretty clear. I barely can wait for a sparkling sunny day to fly it off a lake:

February 19th, 2016: The TBRC Reflex 38 racing wing is in stock now. Check out the presentation about this wonderful wing below:

This great flying wing has given countless of wonderful FPV flight and wing racing hours to lots of people around the world and now it is in stock at NGHobbies. Click the image below to go to the product page.

TBRC Reflex 38

February 8th, 2016: The Attitude V3 goggles are now shipping with a high profile zipper case and with a black face-place at no extra charge:

Fat Shark Attitude V3

February 4th, 2016: Yesterday we received a shipment of our new promotional NGHobbies pens. For a limited time for every order over 100USD over the website or over 100CAD at the counter we give out or ship with your package a free NGHobbies promotional purple pen. There is only limited quantity available, so consider this gift a treat! Se how beautiful this pen is:

NGHobbies Purple Pen

February 2nd, 2016: Today is Groundhog Day. It looks like this year will be the year of the racers in North America, all three groundhogs predicted an early spring. Halleluiah! I love winter, but till not there was no sign of winter in Toronto. I never even had a chance to go out skiing. So at least we can start FPV flying early. Anyway, in light of all that we enabled the “3D Printing Services” on the website. Some people requested items from Thingiverse to be printed for them, and we can offer that for our Canadian customers only, at this time.

3D Printing Services

January 25th, 2016: We quickly tested the new Dalprop tri-blade 5045 propellers for thrust. Please see the video below on the results:

January 22nd, 2016: Today we received a shipment of tri-blade propellers from Dalrc. For that we created a new section on the website to hold the tri-blade propellers. Click here to see all tri-blade propellers. As for the long awaited 5045 tri-blades, please see the images below. Each set is sold with 2 pair of CW and CCW propellers. Click on the image to see the product page. Please tune in next week for a new video on testing and measuring the thrust of the tri-blade propellers.


January 21st, 2016: We have received a shipment of Helical and Duraspec antennas designed and manufactured by Video Aerial Systems – aka iBCrazy. The VAS helical antennas are nothing new, they do a nice comeback to New Generation Hobbies with these new flexible feed lines which allow them to be installed directly on the goggles. The Duraspec antennas are the latest nearly indestructible set from iBCrazy, just watch the video on what he is putting them through for testing. Amazing strength, hopefully will withstand your crashes as well.


January 20th, 2016: The 5.8Ghz antenna section of our website got a face-lift. We rearranged the 5.8Ghz antennas by manufacturer to have a better visibility in your search and selection process. Once there are too many of them in one section it becomes difficult to oversee and find things.

5.8Ghz antenna selection

January 10th, 2016: All Black Pearl monitors are 15% off in January. To order click on the picture below.

15% off

January 2nd, 2016: We prepared a video to compare different FPV cameras in low light situation. This video was prepared with the sole purpose of demonstrating the performance of the RunCam Owl camera claiming 0.0001 lux sensitivity to light and to see how it measures up to other FPV cameras on the market. See the below video for the results:

December 31st: New Generation Hobbies wishes all our customers Happy New Year. We wish all your FPV and radcing wishes come true in 2016!


December 31st: We just received a shipment of the ForceFly computer boards with a few ForceFly Gyro boards from EMR Labs. In case you were looking for these now is the time to order it:

ForceFly Computer System

November 28th: A new 160mm frame arrived. Check it out here by clicking on the image below:

MX 160mm Frame

November 27th: A super PDB has been added to our store. This is the Sitela PDB for the ZMR 250. Quite a loaded little board.

ZMR 2250 PDB

November 26th: We now carry the full set of XT type connectors. XT-30, XT-60 and XT-90 for all your projects. The XT-30 is recommended for small, under 200 size frames. The XT-60 can be used for anything between 200-600 frames. For even larger frames we recommend the XT-90 connector to handle the beefy power required for your large bird.


November 25th: Red and black silicone wire in all dimensions are now in stock. Click on the image below to see the selection.


November 18th: We enabled the Vortex 250 Pro for pre-order. This is the newest FPV quad racer from Immersion RC. This quad was super engineered based on the suggestions and recommendations from the top racing pilots of the industry. Read the full article and check out the specifications by clicking the image below. If you wish to pre-order the Vortex 250 Pro, you can do it by clicking here.

Vortex 250 Pro

October 19th we tested the new Dalprop V2 Bullnose propellers. See the full article here: Dalprop Bullnose V2 and Others. The video of the test with 3S batteires is below:

September 27th we went out to fly and thank to the slow motion video capture on the new iPhones I was able to capture the following video in slow motion:

Yesterday (September 25th, 2015) we added several new products to our online store. We are happy to provide you with the Mobius Action Camera in two different options, Standard and Wide angle. We also have accessories, like the always sought FPV Cable for Mobius. Beside the Mobius, several antenna adapters were added, as well as a new Low Voltage Battery alarm which measures the voltage of each cell and provides you with a screaming 110db signal when any of the cells – or the total voltage gets low.

Mobius Wide Angle

Mobius with wide angle lens

SMA Male to SMA Male

SMA Male to SMA Male

Low Voltage Battery Alarm

Low Voltage Battery Alarm

IBCrazy’s new race spec antennas can be found below or on this page. He also posted a new video on how to repair these and how to fix broken SMA connectors, with a very convincing way on how to break off the SMA connector from an antenna with a hammer when it’s held in a vice. Please be sure to check it out by clicking here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Airblade LHCP RacespecSPP-mini-r
IBCrazy Race Spec AntennasImmersion RC 8dbi Mini Spironet Antennas

Fatshark released three new products this fall. The Attitude V3, Dominator V3 and the Dominator HD V2 goggles are on the way and will hit the market soon. For a quick look at this see the images below. Clicking the images will link you to our website where you can pre-order these items. The Dominator V3 and Attitude V3 arrives to our store on Tuesday, September 10th, while we are expecting the Dominator HD V2 toward the end of the month.

Fatshark Attitude V3Fatshark Dominator V3Dominator HDV2 side view

Fatshark Attitude V3

Dominator V3

Dominator HD V2