Keep friends away

Seriously. While you are flying, have your friends stand behind at a distance and what you from there. Allow only one guy beside you who can help you in case you get in trouble. Why am I saying this? Flying is so cool and your friends definitely should see this, you definitely should share the experience with them.

Let me tell you a story, and I heard the same thing a few times already that happened to several people. Young pilot, invested about 2k plus in his big octokopter, but he didn’t have much flying experience, but he is daring and doing pretty good because he is not afraid of how much it will cost him if he crashes the bird.

He was flying at about 300 feet altitude, he still had a pretty good control and view on the octokopter. His friends were beside him wowing and daring him to go higher. The lack of experience and the “wanting to be cool” effect had him push the ocokotper to the visibility limits when the dis-orientation explained in a previous article kicked in and he lost his orientation. To add to that, high up high winds were pushing the octo away from him and soon he lost sight of it never to be found again.

The morale of this story is to keep your friends under control. If they dare you to do something, make sure you only doing what you are comfortable with, think twice and think about the implications before you jump in and do something foolish.

The reality is that in case something happens – and something always happens – your actions can affect not only your flying – but the hobby for everybody else. Oh one more important note here – and I cannot hold back to release this. If you do something foolish – make sure you do it in your own country so you make life harder for your own people, don’t go to other countries and screw it up for others! This happened several times that tourists have used FPV technology in other countries, they left, posted their videos online and made a lot of mess for the FPV flyers of the country they travelled to.