IBCrazy Race Spec

Recently, IBCrazy (Alex Greeve) from Video Aerial Systems released two new high performance transmitter antennas for those who are really interested in drone racing and high speed 250 racing. These two are the below pictured left hand CP (Circular Polarized) Airblade and the right hand CP Airscrew antennas.

Designed with the FPV racer in mind, these antennas combine small form and high durability with top-notch performance for the ultimate competitive advantage.  These antennas have strengthened cables with a special low profile choke to ensure the highest axial ratio and video clarity.  While they do run exposed, the antennas have a large reinfored nylon hub at the feed which will allow a racer to repeatedly bend them back to shape and fly again after many crashes.

Race Spec RHCP Airscrew antennaRace Spec LHCP Airblade antenna

In order to properly understand how these work and how it should be used, please watch the below product video from Alex Greeve (IBCrazy) himself:

To order these antennas from us, please click here.

On September 20th, 2015 IBCrazy posted a video on how to repair/replace abused or broken race spec antennas properly. Please watch the video below: