iBCrazy Helical Antennas

Alex Greeve aka iBCrazy from Video Aerial Systems has been designing and perfecting antennas for FPV use in the past few years. As his experience is growing, so is his knowledge about the black magic concerning designing performance antennas.

We recently stocked up with 2 different types of helical antennas, the 3 and the 7 turn antennas which will give the FPV flyer gain of 7.5 or 9.5dbic. These antennas were designed to be mounted on goggles with flexible feed lines, and lightweight antenna frames. This way one can easily hold his head in the direction of the flight using these antennas.


The 3 turn 7.5dbic antenna will potentially double the existing range of your normal transmission antenna. If you use the 9.5dbic antenna – according to iBCrazy will potentially give you 4-5 times the original range if your helical is properly oriented in the direction of your transmitting antenna.

Both antennas are available in left and right hand circular polarization, you can choose the one you would need from the above picture which will link you directly to the product page.

For your reference, below we provide iBcrazy’s youtube video where he explains the features and benefits of using the helical antennas: