HD3D Lite Camera

In August 2015 EMR Laboratories scaled down their Stare HD3D camera to a new revision which has become accessible to hobby users as well. The new camera is named HD3D Lite to remind us that this is a scaled down version, to be used for FPV 3D vision, but it offers only limited features compared to the industrial strength Stare HD3D camera.

EMRLabs HD3DLite

The HD3D lite camera is the newest EMR Laboratories product for consumer applications. This camera produces stunning high definition stereo 3D in SBS (Side by Side 3D) format. Designed from the ground up to provide hobbyists with amazing 3D experience. This camera works with the Sony HMZ, Cinemizer, Dominator HD, Dominator V3, Dominator HD V2 as well as any 3D capable TVs which can work with  SBS 3D streams.

The camera outputs 720p60 3D SBS format over an HMDI micro connector. It is powered from a 5V source. It includes 3.6mm HD lenses and is capable of capturing high dynamic range – it images just as well looking into shadows as it does directly into the sun.

The HD3D lite camera works best with the Connex (by Amimon) video transmitter for zero latency FPV or alternatively the light bridge also works to provide HD video (but suffers from ~150ms latency).

250 Diablo with HD3DLiteThe HD3D Lite camera was presented by EMRLabs on an NGHobbies 250 Diablo racer in Collingwood, Ontario, at the Fatshark Frenzy event on August 21st, 2015. Some of the pilots presents had a chance to experience first hand flying with the 3D image through a Cinemizer and later on through a Dominator V3 goggle set. Other bystanders were stunned by watching the video feedback on a big screen (55″) LG 3D TV, which allowed anybody to experience the same 3D FPV feeling as the pilot flying the 250 size racing quad.

A short presentation video with sequences of the Collingwood event can be seen in the video below. You can use any Fat Shark Dominator V3, Dominator HD or Dominator HDV2 as well as your Sony Cinemizer goggles connected to your computer to watch this video back and enjoy it in 3D.