Fat Shark Antenna Diversity Module

Update, July 5th, 2015:

The new V2 Fat Shark Diversity modules arrived. If you purchased this from our store, please drop in and bring the original with you for replacement. If you purchased this online we will send a replacement by mail in the next two days.

Announcement from Fatshark:

Dear valued customer,

we made a production software error on the 5G8 diversity receivers sent on this order. We are doing a 100% recall. If you still have stock, discontinue selling immediately. Once we have the new receivers (about 2 weeks but no more than 3) we will send the replacements to you. Please send on the replacement receiver to the end customers who previously purchased diversity receiver modules, when you receive them. There is no need for the customer or you to return the defective units (customers should hold onto the SMA adapters and doors as we’ll just be replacing the receiver module).

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your help in resolving this embarrassing situation.

Best regards, Gregory French, CEO, Fat Shark 

Please note New Generation Hobbies will contact every customer who purchased these diversity modules from us online  the moment we have the replacement units for you. We will send out these modules to you with no charge to you. Please stand by for further news. Customers who purchased these over the counter at our showroom location should contact us to arrange pickup replacements for their modules.

Fat Shark announced the new FSV2444 Diversity Antenna modules will be shipping form their facilities around April 29th 216. We hope the get the first shipment of these the following week.

To be clear and for all to understand, this is not a true diversity module. A true diversity would require two separate receiver modules and a control circuit which analyzes both signals and compares them – switching and keeping the best of the two signals on the video output. The module announced by Fat Shark is an antenna diversity which checks the signal quality and switches to the other antenna if the quality suffers without the capability of checking if the other signal is better or not. If the signal is worse then it will switch back very quickly. You can find images of the module in the following pictures:

Fat Shark 5.8Ghz Antenna Switching Diversity ModuleFat Shark 5.8Ghz Antenna Switching Diversity Module

The module ships with 2 SMA adapters, one is a right angle (90 degrees) one and the second is a 45 degree adapter allowing to easily mount a Spironet patch antenna on the lower antenna connector. The package also contains a what bay door to match the Dominator V2, V3, HD, HDV2 series of goggles to replace the existing bay door. This module is also compatible with the Attitude V3 goggles, however a black bay door has not yet been made available.

Even if this is not a true diversity, the following demo video shows the power when used with a high gain directional antenna in conjunction with an omnidirectional Spironet antenna:

As you can see as long as the high gain antenna is selected when flying forward, the reception outperforms the standard Omni antenna on the right side of the image. However when the racer flies behind the ground station, the two images are identical as both have the omnidirectional Spironet and breakups, interferences are identical on both.

On this video – as the overlayed text tells us – the flying Vortex had its VTX power reduced to almost nothing to demonstrate the selectivity of the antennas and to clearly demonstrate the power of the high gain directional antenna over a simple Omni. Please note in your case the results will not be so accentuated because most of you fly with power levels over 25mw, in which case even the Omni signal will be clear at the end of such field.