EMAX RS2205 Motors

It seems that the cream on the cake these days are the EMAX RS2205  Racing Motors. In the middle of March we received a shipment of these motors and waited anxiously to have this mounted in our NGH 250 Diablo racing quad. There are a total of 4 different types of motors we received:

These motors look great, EMAX claims that because of the cooling technology built into the bells of these motors, these should run about 30% cooler than any other motor the same size and type. They also claim these motors provide superior thrust compared to the competition. We did some testing on our own and compared it to several similar size motors and indeed the thrust seems to outperform any of the competiton motors.

Emax RS2205 2300KV Race MotorEmax RS2205 2300KV Race MotorEmax RS2205 2300KV Race Motor

I spent some time setting up a thrust table and testing the 2300kV version of these motors against some other similar size and KV motors. The results of that testing can be watched on the video below:

After seeing more more that  800grams thrust output from these motors, I felt that I have to upgrade our test racing quad called the 250 Diablo:

250 Diablo Racing QuadOur test racing quad is called NGH 250 Diablo. This is not really available for purchase, we designed it to do some testings on this frame. We tried differet types of motors, different types of FPV systems and different types of flight controllers. Right now the quad had 1806 motors and 16A Opto Speed controllers with BL Heli firmware, Oneshot 125 enabled.

IMG_4457The upgrade was done in stages, since the integrated distribution board on the bottom had to be removed. The first two motors were easy to install, these had not cables running through the frame. Once these were installed, we had to unsolder several sets of wires going to the main distribution frame and only then we could remove the back motor arms, so the motors there can be replaced as well.


The finished quad then went through several measurements to make sure the windings of the newly installed motors are not grounded to the frame through the installation screws. We did find out the hard way previously that such a short circuit can blow up speed controllers and can smoke out motors.

When everything tested positively, I took it out for a quick run, since the sun was going down pretty quickly, all I had is a few minutes of flying time. Once thing I figured out right away, if I want to run this at high speed, I will need to increase the angle of my cameras to loo more up. Here is the video of the first run.