About the Author

My name is Zoltan Pittner. I am the co-founder and co-owner of New Generation Hobbies Inc. I started New Generation Hobbies to be an international online hobby store with main focus on providing FPV products and solutions to all interested hobbyists. In 2007 New Generation Hobbies has gone live and has been serving all interested parties with excellent customer service, great product selection and FPV solution for all who needed help.

Even before New Generation Hobbies, I was interested in all kinds of remote controlled flying machines. In 1998-1999 I purchased my first RC helicopter which was a Kyosho Nexus 30 nitro powered helicopter. In 2001 I joined an RC club and I stated flying fixed wing aircrafts as well. I became a pilot, later an instructor as well.

In 2005 several FPV videos appeared on the internet and I became highly interested in the technology. I started designing, building, testing different circuits, transmitters, receivers, video switches, servo gadgets to provide new product to this emerging area of the hobby.

In 2011 due to the increasing interest of the FPV products, I took the HAM radio exam and became licensed for amateur radio. Development of further radio products required to take this step further and I took the Advanced exam as well, this will allow me to design, sell radio products which work in the HAM radio bands – which are most of the FPV transmitters.

Also in 2011 the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada created a new committee to cover the ever growing interest in FPV, the MAAC FPV Committee. I became the chair of this committee and spent lots of time together with other hobbyist and FPV enthusiasts to create the FPV guidelines for MAAC which provided a good framework for AMA and MAAA to create their own FPV guidelines. Canada with the FPV guidelines introduced by us was the first of all countries to allow FPV flying without a buddy box on the MAAC approved airfields.

In 2014 the hobby took a side sweep and FPV drone racing stepped into our lives. This new area of the hobby allowed us to develop new flying skills, to create and participate in races to prove our ability and technology. The Racing Drones by now became one of the major players on the FPV front pushing the fixed wing FPV flying back.

2015 brought new business to the big inflated air-domes all over North America, racing events were scheduled and some even broadcasted live on national TV stations.

As closing, in 2015 New Generation Hobbies opened a showroom to provide better access for our customers to information, our products and advise. We live for our customers, everybody who was in, came in contact with us knows that this is the place where they will come back for good advice.