Dalprop Bullnose V2

Today (October 19th, 2015) we received a shipment of the new Dalprop Bullnose V2 5045 unbreakable propellers. I was really curious to see how these propellers work compared to the V1 propellers:


As first look, the V2’s look more like a propeller, definitely have a propeller profile compared to the V1. After a short visual inspection we put these on the thrust-meter and compared them to the V1 side by side – actually one after the other. There were several test made. Some of these were documented as a test result only, others were compiled in a short video.

First test was to compare the full throttle thrust of the two propellers. The test was made on a 3S battery:

One difference in the measurements was very noticeable from the first test, the V1 propellers RPM is lower while the V2’s RPM is much higher on full throttle. This difference can be heard on the videos below as well.

The second test we made was meant to be an efficiency test. This would measure the power consumption of each propeller at the same thrust. These teste were recorded and uploaded to our youtube channel.

The first test was done with a 3S battery and I was trying to keep the thrust at 450g to try to measure the power consumption for both propellers:

The second test was done with a 4S battery and I was trying to keep the thrust at 500g to try to measure the power consumption for both propellers:

As you can see, both test are revealing the same results. Both propellers use the same amount of power at the same thrust. However the V2 propeller requires a much higher RPM to reach the same thrust.

Today there were 4 more types of propellers added to our online store. The Gemfan bullnose 3030 propellers with a 5mm shaft in black and green. These are propellers for those who like the minis and the micros. The 180, 150 and 120 size quads can benefit of the power of these pre-balanced strong 3″ propellers:


The 6045 Dalprop unbreakable black and red propellers on the other side can be a good companion to those who are flying 280 size and bigger quads. These are excellent propellers with very strong profile and almost unbreakable composite material.