Bullnose Racing Props

I was looking for a perfect propeller for racing. There were several options out there, but in the GTA, or anywhere around Toronto, Ontario unbreakable props were missing from the stores. Our customers were also looking for a good set of propellers for their racing quads.


While searching I notice several people talking about unbreakable and “bullnose” propellers. I had no idea what a bullnose propeller is and why is that any different from a normal propeller. I started searching and at the end it turns out that the “bullnose” is just a standard propeller – at least it used to be – before one clever racer cut the end of it down to provide a much stronger propeller base around the shaft – that way ensuring that the propeller will not break so easily. So the “bullnose” propeller was born. Since then several manufacturers grabbed the name and started manufacturing bullnose propellers adding several enhancements to the material to ensure the propeller will not break easily.

This saves the racer a lot of time, since hitting a tree, leaves, bush or even another quad will leave the propeller intact – often not even bent.

DLPR-4045-BLUnfortunately the efficiency of these propellers is not always the best, very often consuming more power than a very similar size composite propeller. This is due to the proper propeller cord and profile on the composite one, and the lack of the propeller end and termination on the bullnose side. However racers will not care about this small deficiency, simply they install a bigger battery to compensate for the lost time.

The latest development on these props really improved on the efficiency as well, by forming proper propeller profile the efficiency on the new ones is almost comparable with the similar composite propellers.

The bullnose propellers are available from New Generation Hobbies (NGHobbies) in two sized and several different colors:

  • 4″ and 5″ versions
  • Red, Black, Green and orange color variations.

To order these propellers, please click on this link.