Cheap FPV Racing Gates

So you started to build your racing drone and you need something to race through. The easiest way is to find some natural obstacles, trees, bushes, forest, park, etc. If you cannot find such park around your place, I am sure you can find a soccer field, baseball field or a larger city park where they cut the grass on a regular basis. Once you have found a field, it is time to get you to make some cheap FPV Racing Gates – under 10 dollars a piece  – so you will have something to race through.

The advantage of using gates instead of natural obstacles is that you will not lose your video signal not even on a low power setting when going trough, or behind the gates, you can use less powered FPV transmitters, while drone racing with FPV between natural obstacles there is a high possibility that your video will be disrupted at some point.

So let’s see what do we need and what do we need to buy to build 2 gates:

pool%20noodles4 pieces of pool noodle make sure the inside hole is less than 3/4 inch (2 per gate)
frame_pvc1 x 12ft long 3/4" plastic pipe from home depot
thin wall steel pipe1 x 4-6 ft long thin wall aluminum or steel 1/2 pipe
angle grinderskill saw or angle grinder to cut the metal pipe
hand sawhand saw or hack saw - to cut the plastic pipe

Once you purchased all the pieces, you need to go into your garage and start working. No worries, you’ll be done in less then 30 minutes.

Step 1:

Using the hand saw, cut 4 pieces of 2.5ft (32 inches) long pieces from your 12ft plastic pipe. This will leave about a 2ft piece behind. From the remaining piece cut2 x 8 inch long pieces, this will be the connecting piece for your noodles.

This gives you 4 pieces (2 per gate) of foot for your gates and the connecting piece on the top. Try it an slide these into your noodles, it should fit snug and should hold the noodles together pretty well.

Step 2:

With the angle grinder cut 4 x 1-1.5ft long pieces of your metal/aluminum pipe. (length depends on your pipe length) Use the hammer to flatten one side, this sill make it go into the ground easier. You can use your grinder to clean the edges on your cut on both sides, make it neat, that will ensure that it will last long.

Step 3:

Test fit all. Make sure the steel/aluminum pipes from step 2 above will slide inside the plastic pipes from step 1.  Make sure your plastic PVC pipe fits snag into your pool noodles.

Step 4:

Assembly and installation. The gates you just made are configurable. You can make them higher or lower, all you need is to put the legs closer or further apart to each other.

To install them hammer the metal pipes 3-4ft away from each other into the ground. Make sure you leave about half of it out, so you can slide the 2.5ft PVC legs on them. Now slide the noodles on the PVC pipes as deep as you want, you can adjust the length by how deep you slide in the noodles – as well as how far away you place the legs.

See the below pictures for reference.


If you leave in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area – Ontario, Canada) and you would like to pick up a set of gates like this, please give us a call at New Generation Hobbies, contact us, 416-6426830 or 905-856-2525 to arrange your set with us. Shipping these items outside of Canada is a bit problematic because of the size of the pool noodles.

Here are some videos on how these gates perform. First, how do they look like when flying through and under:

And the second video on how durable the pool noodles are when being hit by the quad. Due to the foam material of the noodles usually the racing quad comes out unharmed, maybe just with broken props from the encounter: