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Diatone 180mm CF Frame with PDB

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  • Model: DQ-180-FR
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The second of the small racer frame to give a racing chance to those who are looking to fit though very tight spots, is the 180 Diatone Frame. This 180mm frame is cut from 1.6mm CF pates with individual motor arms. The baseplate and one top plate makes this amazingly small frame capable of racing.


  • Frame material: Carbon Fiber
  • Fasteners: 2mm Black Steel
  • Size: 180mm between diagonal motors
  • Recommended Propeller: 3" or 4"
  • Motor Mount: M2, M2.5mm depending on your motor
  • Flight Controller recommendations: Acro Naze32, Naze32 or CC3D
  • Recommended motors: 2 x 1306 CW and 2 x 1306 CCW motors
  • Recommended speed controllers (ESC): 1 x 8A ESC with BEC and 3 x 8A ESC without BEC