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1s Parallel Charging Board1s Parallel Charging Board
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1s Parallel Charging Board

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The 1S (1 cell) Power ParaBoard is designed to balance charge simultaneously multiple lithium batteries in parallel. Using this method, you can significantly reduce the time required for charging multiple battery packs.

Your charger must capable of supplying enough charging current to use this board. You can charge 6 identical (cell count and mAh must match) batteries in the same amount of time it would take to charge a single battery. This means more time flying and less time charging.


- Charges up to 6 identical 1S LiPo packs in parallel
- Plastic Case: ABS Fireproof Material


- 6 x 1S with 2 different connectors
- Cell Count: 1s
- Maximum continuous current: 2A
- Voltage range: 0-4.2VDC

Safety Instructions:

- Please follow all precautions included in manual before using this board for parallel charging.
- Not following these directions may result in fire and damages. New Generation Hobbies is not responsible for damages caused by improper use of batteries and chargers.
- Batteries should ALWAYS be the same cell count
- Batteries should ALWAYS have nearly the same voltage before charging
- Never leave your charger unattended
- Keep away from flammable materials
- Always connect balance taps before main power plugs when connecting to the board.
- Always charge every individual LiPo battery in a separate LiPo Safety Bag.