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EZAntennaTracker System V2EZAntennaTracker System V2
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EZAntennaTracker System V2 EZAntennaTracker System V2 EZAntennaTracker System V2

EZAntennaTracker System V2

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  • Model: EZTRACKERV2
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  • Manufactured by: Immersion RC


The EzAntennaTracker V2 system is the first commercially available antenna tracker designed for FPV flight. It operates by sending a telemetry stream down one one of the audio channels of an A/V link, via the EzOSD On Screen Display module. This telemetry stream contains information about the plane's GPS location and other information available to the EzOSD.
This tracker will work only in conjunction with the EzOSD On Screen Display System. Without these devices which encode the telemetry on the audio channel, the EzAntennaTracker will not be able to track your aircraft. 
Please note: This system requires a pan and tilt mount for your directional antenna; see the manual below for more information on pan and tilt options.


- 3 button operation with very intuitive menu system
- Can drive pan and tilt servos
- Small 3 line LCD for setup and display of different status screens
- One button calibration system
- Telemetry data can be either be used for live tracking on Google Earth, or be recorded and decoded later with Google Earth 
- Direct USB connection to computer for easy firmware upgrades when available
- 4.8 to 6V (6V Maximum, minimum 1A) power source is required for operation


- Weight: 125 gr.
- Size: 85 x 75 x 25 mm


Additional Information:

- Documenation: Manual
- Software to decode telemetry data for Google Earth: Download now