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ForceFly ComputerForceFly Computer
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ForceFly Computer

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The ForceFly used in conjunction with a USB joystick replaces a standard programmable transmitter. This provides a more realistic control interface such as a flight stick or steering wheel. The ForceFly provides all the functionality of advanced programmable radios using a standard PC joystick as the input device. The output signal of the ForceFly can be fed directly into the trainer port of a radio to act as a buddy box or alternatively into a radio module (such as a long range UHF module) to replace your conventional transmitter altogether.
The ForceFly is another exciting FPV tele-presence product from EMR Laboratories Inc. designed to enhance the FPV flying experience. The ForceFly is a small computer with a USB port designed to work with a force feedback joystick. The ForceFly is user programmable to convert the joystick inputs to PPM outputs that can be fed directly into the buddy port of your transmitter. With hundreds of programmable options the ForceFly is much more flexible then your transmitter and can do so much more. 
The ForceFly includes a mini 2-axis gyro board which replaces the microphone on your FPV aircraft to send force feedback signals down to the joystick. With many user definable force feedback modes and settings you can tune the feedback to both your aircraft and your liking. The ability to ‘feel’ your aircraft in flight is an unparalleled experience, not to mention other people are able to feel the flight when playing back recorded videos of flying. The ForceFly is feature rich with options and settings never before seen in one package.
Note: If you want to purchase the complete ForceFly system, you need to add the following items to your cart: 
- ForceFly Gyro Feedback Board

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Fully programmable flight control:
- Control the aircraft roll, pitch, and yaw (twist grip) with one hand, as well as throttle, programmable settings allow complete configuration of each axis – travel adjustment, dual rates, exponential, reverse, trim, etc.
- 12 button assignment, for toggle switches and momentary push buttons - control virtual axes, mixes and other settings
- Multi-function hat switch, assignable to pan and tilt camera control – configurable in octant mode or rate mode for complete XY control of camera. Secondary function includes aircraft trim control

Force feedback control:
- Active force feedback – pushes the flight stick according to changes in aircraft attitude 
- Passive force feedback – increases or decreases the flight stick pressure/resistance according to changes in aircraft attitude
- Experience force feedback of the stick while playing back previously recorded flights
- Adjustments provided for feedback strength and damping
- Programmable dead-man switch for releasing force feedback
- Force trim function allows aircraft trim to be set with spring force adjustment simulating real aircraft trim

Gyro Stabilisation:
- Mixes gyro feedback directly to control axes to provide automatic gyro flight stabilization

Model memory:
- Save up to eight different models in the ForceFly
- Allows programming, copying and saving model memories

PPM Channel Assignment:
- Assign any axis to any output channel
- Assign one axis to many channels
- Program PPM signal to accommodate different transmitter buddy box specifications

Interface ports:
- Optional head tracker interface (also for future expansion)
- Firmware updatable with PicKit 3(or 2)

Additional Information:

- Quick Start Manual: Click here
- Detailed user guide on Wiki: Click Here