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12V Camera Harness for ImmersionRC Transmitters

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  • Model: NGH-CBL-015
  • 40 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: New Generation Hobbies


This FPV cable harness offers connection for 12V cameras to an ImmersionRC or Fatshark 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz transmitter. These transmitters were designed to supply 5V power to 5V cameras but several customers would like to use 12V cameras with these transmitters. This cable offers an easy solution to solve this cable puzzle.


- Step 1: Solder the 5 pin cable which came with your ImmersionRC transmitter on your camera: black wire to black wire, red wire to red wire, yellow wire to yellow wire. The green and the white from the connector can be isolated, these are audio wires unless you use a microphone you do not need them. Use a heat shrink to secure the connections.
- Step 2: Plug the camera cable prepared in step one into the harness. You will need to plug the 2 male connectors of this harness into your InnersionRC or Fatshark tranmsitter, 2 pin connector to the power connection, 5 pin connecto to the A/V connector.
- Step 3: Plug the 3S (3 cell) LiPo battery into the JST connector of the harness.


Do not ever use this harness with 5V cameras. Also make sure you never use more than 3 cell LiPo's to supply power to this harness. The voltage from the battery is directly fed to the camera, if you use more than 3 cell LiPo you will smoke your camera right away.