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This category holds all kinds of parts, circuit boards, IC's and other small parts to be used by those who want to do some building or repair themselves.
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BL-Ctrl V1.2 Speed controller PCB

This is the BL-Ctrl V 1.2 PCB only. You...

AT MEGA 1284P with Bootloader

Preprogrammed Atmel microcontroller for...


Microcontroller for FlightCtrl ME 2.0, ...

STR911FAM44X6 WIth Bootloader

This is a replacement ARM9 IC to be use...

ADXRS610 Gyro Board

This is an assembled ADXRS610 gyro boar...

ENC-03R Gyro Board

This is an assembled ENC-03R gyro boar...

SerCon bare PCB Board

This is the bare PCB for the Serial Con...

Recom 5V/1A Switching Voltage Regulator

INNOLINE converters are RECOM's line of...

Recom 5V/1.5A Switching Voltage Regulator

INNOLINE converters are RECOM's line of...

5 Pin SMD Right Angle Molex Connector

This is the Molex connector used on the...

LED Parts Package

This package contains all the neccessar...

5cm 5 Pin Molex Cable (for MKGPS)

This package contains a replacement cab...


Monthly Specials For November

MK LED Driver

The Distribution boards for Mikrokopter...

$4.95USD  $1.49USD
Save: 70% off

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KX 555 Camera (PAL)
KX 555 Camera (PAL)





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Charging Cable for EVG920
Charging Cable for EVG920