Welcome to New Generation Hobbies. Beside being one of the leader FPV solution providers of the world, we are actively looking into making this hobby better and more affordable to everyone. We are looking into new products, and bringing you news about FPV products and solutions.  Please click on the links below to read the new articles, or follow the links under the “New Products” menu.

November 27: Black Friday. We offer 5% discount on our whole store. Click on the image below to access it.

Black Friday

Sale starts at midnight, one day only, no rainchecks.

November 18th: We enabled the Vortex 250 Pro for pre-order. This is the newest FPV quad racer from Immersion RC. This quad was super engineered based on the suggestions and recommendations from the top racing pilots of the industry. Read the full article and check out the specifications by clicking the image below. If you wish to pre-order the Vortex 250 Pro, you can do it by clicking here.

Vortex 250 Pro

October 19th we tested the new Dalprop V2 Bullnose propellers. See the full article here: Dalprop Bullnose V2 and Others. The video of the test with 3S batteires is below:

September 27th we went out to fly and thank to the slow motion video capture on the new iPhones I was able to capture the following video in slow motion:

Yesterday (September 25th, 2015) we added several new products to our online store. We are happy to provide you with the Mobius Action Camera in two different options, Standard and Wide angle. We also have accessories, like the always sought FPV Cable for Mobius. Beside the Mobius, several antenna adapters were added, as well as a new Low Voltage Battery alarm which measures the voltage of each cell and provides you with a screaming 110db signal when any of the cells – or the total voltage gets low.

Mobius Wide Angle

Mobius with wide angle lens

SMA Male to SMA Male

SMA Male to SMA Male

Low Voltage Battery Alarm

Low Voltage Battery Alarm

IBCrazy’s new race spec antennas can be found below or on this page. He also posted a new video on how to repair these and how to fix broken SMA connectors, with a very convincing way on how to break off the SMA connector from an antenna with a hammer when it’s held in a vice. Please be sure to check it out by clicking here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Airblade LHCP RacespecSPP-mini-r
IBCrazy Race Spec AntennasImmersion RC 8dbi Mini Spironet Antennas

Fatshark released three new products this fall. The Attitude V3, Dominator V3 and the Dominator HD V2 goggles are on the way and will hit the market soon. For a quick look at this see the images below. Clicking the images will link you to our website where you can pre-order these items. The Dominator V3 and Attitude V3 arrives to our store on Tuesday, September 10th, while we are expecting the Dominator HD V2 toward the end of the month.

Fatshark Attitude V3Fatshark Dominator V3Dominator HDV2 side view

Fatshark Attitude V3

Dominator V3

Dominator HD V2

Also in August 2015 EMR Labs presented a new affordable HD3D Lite 3D camera for the FPV hobby user. This camera will give stunning HD 3D image and it is the closest 3D experience you can get to flying with your own eyes. Click on the picture below to see our article about this amazing new camera:

EMRLabs HD3DLite

We took our time to look at these products in details to present information for those who are new to this as well as to the advanced fliers as well. Please check back often as new content is being added every day. You can also access the drone racing section by clicking on the image below.

Link to the drone racing articles

Drone Racing

Recently we started adding a whole lot of items on sale, in some cases 50-70% off on some items. These might look insignificant, but when you need a plastic screw or nut and you do not have one around – these come very handy. Enjoy the items on sale by clicking on the link below:


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