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Welcome to New Generation Hobbies. Beside being one of the leader FPV solution providers of the world, we are actively looking into making this hobby better and more affordable to everyone. We are looking into new products, and bringing you news about FPV products and solutions.  Please click on the links below to read the new articles, or follow the links under the “New Products” menu.

May 12th: We did a little testing to compare the performance of the 6 way diversity system against a Blackpearl diversity monitor:

May 10th: 6 way race event diversity receiver now available. Joe Scully, master race event organizer have been using these receivers built by us for a while now with great results and great pilot satisfaction. These provide the best video signal by far given the possibilities at each site. It is not magic, it is not signal reconstruction, just selecting the best signal of the 6 possible sources:



May 10th: Please watch Joe Scully’s presentation on how to use ImmersioRC’s RF Power meter V2 properly:

May 9th: ImmersionRC’s Power Meter V2 is in stock now. Please click on the image to order it.

Powermeter V2

April 30th: The ImmersionRC’s new rapidFIRE module is now open for pre-order. Please note there is no information on how soon this will be available yet, but we really hope the wait is not too long any more. To be between the firsts to receive this, place an order by clicking on the link on the image below:


April 22nd: Fat Shark’s flagship HDO is the world’s first FPV goggle to use OLED display technology. The HDO’s OLED display stack produces vivid colors and higher contrast ratios, giving pilots the ability to see better detail under challenging and changing lighting conditions. Fast-moving images also display better thanks to reduced artifacts from image retention. On top of the OLED module, Fat Shark’s patented optics produce crisp images from corner to corner on each display, alleviating any blurriness around the edges of the image. Pre-order is open for the first come first serve basis. Please click on the image below to access the pre-order page:

OLED goggles

April 18th: More HOBBYWING products arrived. 30A 32 bit ESC with DSHOT1200 capabilities, XRotor 2405 motor with 1800kV so one can use it on a 6S quad, and dual blade Azure Power propellers are on the list below. Please click on the pictures below to learn more about these products.

5050 Purple Azure
Hobbywing 30A DSHOT1200, 32 bit ESC
5050 Blue Azure

April 16th: New RunCam cameras are in stock now. The Micro Sparrow 2, the Micro Eagle are some vey promising tiny cameras with lots of features. The RunCam TX-200 is an easy “screw on” assembly for some of these micro cameras. Install this on the back of the micro camera to make it an all in one camera/VTX solution. The RunCam2/RunCam3/RunCam Split Remote Cable also available now. Click on the images below for more information.

Runcam Micro Eagle
RunCam TX200
Micro Sparrow 2
RunCam2/RunCam3/RunCam Split Remote Cable

April 13th: The new ImmersionRC V2 power meter is now open for Pre-order. The Shipment should arrive in a week or two. To PRE-ORDER it please click on the picture below:

Powermeter V2

April 10th: The XRotor 20A 4 in one, 40A 4 in one ESC boards, the HOBBYWING F4 Nano and standard flight controllers are now available as individual items for those who only need one or the other:

XRotor Nano 20A 4in1 BLHeli-S DShot600
XRotor Nano Flight Controller F4
XRotor Micro 40A 4in1 BLHeli-S DShot600
XRotor Flight Controller F4

April 6th: The FatShark indoor mini folding racing gates are now available for purchase. You get 2 gates for 8USD, this is a pretty good deal:

Fat Shark 101 2 piece gate set

April 5th: The HOBBYWING motors are now in stock. The XRotor 2205, 2300KV motors and the XRotor 2405 2600KV powerhouse is available now through our internet store or from the showroom as well. Click on the pictures below to order or to learn more about these items:

Click to enlarge XRotor 2405, 2600KV
XRotor 2205, 2300KV motor

March 30th: The azure tri-blade 5045 propellers are now available from our web-store in several colors. Clicking on the pictures below will take you to their respective product pages:

Azure Apple White
AZURE Purple
AZURE Polestar Blue
Azure Ferrari Yellow

March 20th: Since the weather did not change much from the 12th when I left, I brought you back a little warmth from down south.

Warm Sunny Beach

February 27th: All quad blade props are on 50% sale:

Dalprop Quad Blade Props

February 26th: The spare batteries for the Fat Shark 101 have arrived and are in stock. The package contains 2 x 2S 35C 260mAh LiPo batteries with the mounting brackets installed and an additional USB charger.

FSV 1819

February 25th: Inductrix Pro and Inductrix Plus frames are back in stock. Use the larger frame to achieve better performance and longer flying times. The Inductrix Plus fame takes bigger motors and larger batteries as well, to allow longer flying times:

Inductrix Frames

February 15th: 3D Printed from TPU in different colors, by Innovative Layers, these custom designed TPU mounts are perfect addition to your Armattan Rooster frame. Sevaral colors are available.

Armattan Rooster Accessory Pack

February 10th: I am not sure if you guys have seen any of the new “Tiny Whoop” to “Tiny Whoov” conversions. You 3D print a tiny hovercraft frame, transplant your motors and electronics from your old Tiny Whoop or Inductrix, (no programming changes are required) and you are ready to race around in style with a tiny hovercraft. If you cannot print your own frame, we prepared several different color frames for you, just click the one you like below.

Tiny Whoov Variations


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