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August 19th: The Fatshark Frenzy Drone Olympics event with two separate flight lines featuring racing over a golf course and remote controlled aircraft/wing racing will kick off this morning. If you are a racer in Ontario and you are not there – or not on the way there, you have to have a very solid reason why not to attend. This is the event of the events! 2 days of fun and racing. Check out and join us by clicking on the image below:

Fatshark Frenzy

August 5th: The XT-60 and the DEANS parallel charging boards arrived:

Parallel Charging Boards

August 5th: The first shipment of the new Fatshark dominator SE arrived. Check out the pictures of this new product below. You can read the article by clicking here or on the image below:

Dominator SE

Dominator SE Specifications

July 28th, 2016: The new RunCam Owl Plus is available from NGHobbies online and showroom location now. We also brought you 2.1mm lenses for the Runcam Swift series, and lens protector hood for the RunCam HD2 cameras:

We also changed the layout of the website when it comes to RunCam products, now it will be easier to select the RunCam product based on three categories:

RunCam Product Selection

July 13th: The new 4mm Charpu X frame from Lumenier will be available in 2-3 weeks from NGHobbies:

Lumenier QAV X Charpu Frame

July 8th: New 20A and 30A advanced multirotor ESC’s arrived with BLHeli_S firmware. The 20A is 28x13x5mm in size and weights only 8 grams (6 gr without wires) and the 30A version is 29x15x5mm weights only 10g (8gr without wires). Some of the advantages of the BLHeli_S firmware compared to the BLHeli are listed below:

  • – BLHeli_S delivers a throttle response that is smoother than previous BLHeli, thanks to the hardware PWM.
  • – It handles the throttle in very small steps. The resolution varies between hardware configurations (MCU clock speed and driver type), and is between a nominal 512 steps and 2048 steps.
    – Supports very high motor Speed: BB1 MCU can support up to 350k eRPM, and currently the BB2 is set to 500k eRPM.
  • – Supports regular 1-2ms input signal, as well as Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and Multishot. Auto-detected when the ESC sees an input signal.

You can purchase the USB blackfire programmer and the ESC’s by clicking here.

July 5th: The new V2 Fat Shark Diversity modules arrived. If you purchased this from our store, please drop in and bring the original with you for replacement. If you purchased this online we will send a replacement by mail in the next two days. We will try our best to mail these out before Canadapost goes on strike:

Diversity Receiver Module

July 5th: the GWS 125 1 Turn Sail Winch servo is in stock now. This servo is the favorite of the ground station builders. This can turn 360 degrees around making it the best option for those who want to build an antenna tracking ground station. Please note the price has dropped considerably thanks to GWS USA:

GWS 125 1T sail winch servo

July 4th: Inductrix RTF and BNF are in stock right now. Click here to read our article about the Inductrix or click the picture below to purchase one. If you need parts, you can order them by clicking here.

Inductrix Ducted Fan Quad

July 1st: Happy Canada Day!



June 30th: Due to the requests of our customers, we broke up the very popular 200mW VTX/Camera combo and we are happy to present you now with the transmtitter alone for those who want to use these with their own cameras. This little 200mW powerhose will supply a very nice video signal to your mini and micro racing quads. We currently only carry the SMA version:

40Ch 200mW VTX

June 27th: The EMAX 1306 Red-bottoms arrived in the 4000KV selection.  These new buzzers will give a real kick to your micro drones and minis. Click on the image below to see our article about these:

1306 Red Bottom

June 3rd: New NGHobbies flags and banners arrived. If you would like and NGHobbies banner or flag for your FPV race or event, please contact us through the Contact Us page to arrange for a pickup:

June 1st: Happy Children’s Day. Our online store’s hardware section got a bit re-organized to make it easier to locate screws, standoffs, plastic screws, standoffs and vibration dampeners. We also received low profile plastic standoffs, M3x6mm which are perfect for small low profile Flight Controller installation. To check out the new hardware section click on the image below:

Hardware sectionMay 27th: Now we can offer more color variety of the DalProp V2 tri-blade propellers. IMG_2554We have quite a selection of different sizes of two and tri-blade propellers of all sizes:



May 24th: Fat Shark issued a recall for their diversity modules. Apparently the first release was shipped with the wrong firmware revision. Please read more details and info about the replacement program by clicking here.

May 19th:  All Canadapost shipping services are back to normal.

May 5th: New propeller shipment arrived yesterday. Please welcome the Dalprop V2 Triblade propellers in our selection, These are available now in 5040 and 5045 versions. Also a full selection of 3″ Triblade bullnose propellers has been added to our website. These will provide the max performance on those tiny 1306 motors. Click on the images to go to the product page:

3" BN Triblade Red3" BN Triblade Purple
3" BN Triblade Blue3" BN Triblade Green
5" DAL 5040 V2 Triblade Red

5" DAL 5040 V2 Triblade Red

5" DAL 5040 V2 Triblade Orange

5" DAL 5040 V2 Triblade Orange

5" DAL 5045 V2 Triblade Red

5" DAL 5045 V2 Triblade Red

5" DAL 5045 V2 Triblade Orange

5" DAL 5045 V2 Triblade Orange

For those who managed to destroy the plastic housing on the iBcrazy duraspec antennas, we brought replacement caps blue and green in color to match your polarity direction. These are sold in sets of three, assuming that if you managed to break them once, you will break them again :):):)

Right Hand, Blue antenna coverLeft Hand, Green antenna cover

May 4th: Website changes. Please note the propeller section has been a bit reorganized to give better overview of the different propeller sizes. Now you can browse and purchase racing propellers based on size:

Two Blade Unbreakable
Triblade Propeller Selection

Click here to see our older news.


Also in August 2015 EMR Labs presented a new affordable HD3D Lite 3D camera for the FPV hobby user. This camera will give stunning HD 3D image and it is the closest 3D experience you can get to flying with your own eyes. Click on the picture below to see our article about this amazing new camera:

EMRLabs HD3DLite

We took our time to look at these products in details to present information for those who are new to this as well as to the advanced fliers as well. Please check back often as new content is being added every day. You can also access the drone racing section by clicking on the image below.

Link to the drone racing articles

Drone Racing

Recently we started adding a whole lot of items on sale, in some cases 50-70% off on some items. These might look insignificant, but when you need a plastic screw or nut and you do not have one around – these come very handy. Enjoy the items on sale by clicking on the link below:


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